Lina Persson is a visual artist and researcher of narrative storyworlds and animated worldbuilding. Her work explores interspersed perspectives and sustainable systems and takes the form of installations, in galleries, specific sites or as public art commissions, both in Sweden and internationally. 

As an artistic researcher Persson develops, plans and implements collaborative and transdisciplinary projects. She speaks on panels, presents at conferences, and peer-reviews for journals such as JAR, The Journal for Artistic Research, and as editorial board for VIS, Nordic Journal for Artistic Research.

As teacher she regularly lectures and tutors in art schools in Europe, Asia and the US. She was also head of the animation program at SKH 2012-2019. She is currently a senior researcher at the film and media department at Stockholm University of the Arts, working with her research project Climate-Just Worldings financed by the science council & her transdisciplinary project Transforming Practices financed by NAVET, KTH. She is also pursuing a PhD fellowship on 50% with the project Performative Storyworlds.
Currently a senior researcher at Stockholm University of the Arts, Stockholm.


Lina Persson, born in Visby, Sweden 1978

Selected exhibitions & projects

2023 ELSA — New Reactive Earth, Climate Story Lab Nordic, 2023-2024
2023 Peripheral Perspectives, Artistic research exhibition, C-mine, Belgium
2022    Elsa climate calculator, a tool and a fluxus score, 
2021    Human Mine, exhibition/intervention, National museum of science and technology, Stockholm
2020    Water have rights, Performance, Konstnärliga avsmyckningar, Akt III, Mossutställningar, Stockholm
2019    Where the world is called forest group exhibition, Köttinspektionen, Uppsala
2018    Hypersleep Release and group exhibition, Crum Heaven, Stockholm
2018    Du har inget val Tegen 2, Stockholm
2018    Other publishing paths, other publishing worlds Moderna Museet, Stockholm
2017    Ultimate Limits VI Gotlands konstmuseum
2017    Taikonauts journey Big Echo, online journal of critical science fiction.
2017    Ultimate Limits III Södertälje konsthall
2017    Ultimate Limits II Nacka konsthall 2016 ‘Performing Labor,Reymyre art lab
2016     Ultimate Limits I Galleri 54
2016     Animated Ecology, gallery INCA, Seattle, USA 2015    ‘Supermarket,Galleri 54
2013    Sindrome LaCapella, Barcelona
s VI Gotlands konstmuseum
2017    Taikonauts journey Big Echo, online journal of critical science fiction.
    Ultimate Limits episode III Södertälje konsthall, Stockholm
2017     Ultimate Limits episode II Nacka konsthall, Stockholm
2016    Animated Ecology, INCA, Seattle
2016    Ultimate Limits episode I, Galleri 54, Göteborg
2015     Tunga Ting Supermarket Galleri 5
2013     Sindrome LaCapella, Barcelona
2013     Aspectivity–The History of Seeing and Representation galleri Mejan
2012     Sunshine Socialist Cinema Ängelholm
2012     A fault in the tale Gocart Gallery, Visby *
2012     Nyspråk Ett rum med utsikt, Slakthusateljeerna, Stockholm
2012     Långsamt-Blixtsnabbt Ett lysande Namn # 19/20,
2011     Stone From Strange Mountain 0047, Oslo, Norway *
2011     Tempus Nullius CAG, Connecticut, US *
2011     Svart Fet Jord Fylkingen, Stockholm  
2011     Items of Dual Use Wip:konsthall, Stockholm
2011     Experimental Fiction  Rotor Gallery, Gothenburg
2011     Items of Dual Use  VM Gallery, Karachi
2011     100 years later The Reading Room, Bangkok
2010     IASPIS open house Stockholm *
2010     Svensk konceptkonst Kalmar Konstmuseum
2010     Reality Check Trøndelag senter for samtidskunst, Trondheim, Norway
2010     Line of Action Galleri bob, Bergsjön
2009     Fraternity Among Nations The Nobel Peace Prize Online Exhibitions
2009     Labyrinth 09 — Writings and Observations Botkyrka konsthall, Stockholm
2009     What Happens When Nothing Happens Fofa Gallery, Montreal
2009     From Mount Huan To Sheshan Mountain Tranströmmer Gallery, Kunming
2008     Another order Konsthall C, Stockholm
2008     Art-Swap Akademie der Künste, IGBK, Berlin
2008     Module Reykjavik Art Festival
2008     Varför böcker Södertälje konsthall
2008     Spring bookfair CCA, glasgow
2007     Writings, The mobile box, Istanbul
2007     Ung grafik, Grafikens Hus, Mariefred
2007    G8:24HRS Radio, United Nation Plaza, Berlin
2007    Reader’s (un)digest tidskriften OEI
2007    Grafiktriennal 07 Royal academy of fine arts, Sweden
2006    Labyrinth Botkyrka konsthall,
2006     My percieving Tilt Gallery, Portland
2006     Imaginaction Turku theatre
2005    Nu Grafikgruppen, Gotland art museum
2004    The duell Artpool, Art Research Centre, Budapest
2001     1=1/2 2=1 Gotland art museum
2020 NAVET, KTH, small visionary project
2018 The Swedish Research Council, Artistic research project
2016 IASPIS grant, exhibition abroad, USA
2011 IASPIS grant, exhibition abroad, Norway
2011 IASPIS grant, exhibition abroad, USA
2011 IASPIS grant, samarbetsprojekt utomlands, Thailand
2011 The Swedish Arts Grants Committee, Two years working grant
2010 IASPIS studio grant, Stockholm
2010 The Swedish Arts Grants Committee, international exchange
2009 Västra Götaland studio grant, Kunming, China
2008 The Swedish Arts Grants Committee, assistant grant
2008 Nordic culture fund, group project
2008 Nordic culture point, group project
2007 Otto och Charlotte Mannheimers fond
2007 Ann-Margret Lindells stipendium
2006 Belle Arte Lamia, Video art price

2015 Grundkurs i pedagogik för högskolelärare, 7,5 HP, Konstfack
2014 Thinking & writing, Bard institute
2012 Konst & Arkitektur Avbildandets historia, KKH
2012 Retorikutbildning, Retorikpedagogen Stockholm
Valand school of fine arts, MFA, 2008
2010 Gothenburg University, Western imperialism & colonialism 20p
2005, Gotland university, BA experimental film
2001, Gotland art school

2019 Senior Researcher, Stockholm University of the Arts
2012–2018 Assistant professor, Head of  animation education, Stockholms Uniarts
2016 Gylleboverkets hållbarhetsfestival, workshop för barn
2016 Föreläsning, Skövde högskola, forskargrupp
2015 Workshop, GDI Konstfack
2012 Undervisning, Arkitekturhøgskolen, Oslo
2011 Undervisning, University of Connecticut
2011 Animation/Postproduktion, Amanda Herman
2011–2012 Undervisning, Stockholm Dramatiska högskola
2010 Teaching, Kunstakademiet, Oslo
2009 Undervisning, HDK-Valand, photography 
2007–2009 videokonst, ABF, Gothenburg

Invited talks
2023 Hållbar film -, Hållbarhetsveckan, Film i Västmanland. 
2023 Storytech, conference, presentation, Gävle
2023 Tempofestivalen, filmfestival, presentation, Stockholm
2022 Beyond dystopia, symposium, presentation, Västerås
2022 Navet week, conference, presentation, Stockholm
2022 Work a work, Book release panel, Rönnells, Stockholm
2020 Vetenskapsrådets Symposium för Konstnärlig forskning, presentation
2020 Alliances and Commonalities conference, presentation, Stockholm
2019 Tempo Dokumentärfestival, presentation & panel, Stockholm
2018 Multispecies Storytelling in Intermedial Practices, presentation, Linnaeus University
2017 KKH Research week, presentation & panel discussion, Stockholm
2016 Uniarts Research week, presentation, Stockholm
2019 C-print;. The Word for World Is Forestlink
2019 Upsala nya tidning, Skog som är bäst utan skog  → link
2017 Svensk, Fredrik; 2017. The Ultimate Limits of Infinity–beskrivningar och spekulationer → link
2011 Speculating Artistic Speculation, Sarah Demeuse, Rivet, Tempus Nullius
2011 Shifting the Real, Sinziana Ravini, Code Magazine.
2008 fanmo jimte, Magnus Bärtås, Konsthall C.

2017 Persson, Lina; 2017, A Taikonauts Journey. In: Big Echo, journal of critical science fiction link
2017 Persson, Lina; 2017. Animated Ecology. In: Program för Kungl. Konsthögskolans forskningsvecka → link
2016 Persson, Lina; 2016. Being Animated, essay → link
2016 Persson, Lina; 2016. Outsourcing Animationlink

Artistic research
→ Research Catalogue
2017 Return of the Silurians, institutionen för film & media, StDH, Stockholm Uniarts
2016 KKH Research week, presentation & panel discussion
2016 Stockholm Uniarts Research week, work in progress presentation
2015 Tunga Ting, institutionen för film & media, StDH, Stockholm Uniarts

Filmform archive & distribution, Stockholom
Botkyrka Konsthall/the Labyrint Press archive, Botkyrka, Sweden
Casoria Contemporary Art Museum Naples/Italy
Grafikens hus, Mariefred
County council of Gotland
Butik CMYK, Copenhagen

Collective projects
the Mobile Box, artist run gallery project.
Shoal of Mackerel, publishing house for artist books.
Bilaga Limited Editions, art subscription.

Lina Persson, artist and researcher