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A Taikonauts Journey (Kunming, China, 2009)
Book with inkdrawings, texts & seal

A Taikonauts Journey was made during a three months studio stay in Kunming, China. I have since some time been working on the imagination about space and how the production of science fiction literature is linked to society's economic and technological development. While reflecting upon ideas of modernity, technology, language and history I researched how this genre (sci-fi), that emerged in the England's industrialization in the late 1800s has counterparts in China. The idea of a mental weightlessness describe a state where the fixed points of reference in terms of traditions and specific roles have been replaced by self-defined positions and identities. The Chinese stamp or seal is a legal identification document but also functions as a signature giving authenticity to works of art. In my book, it operates as a kind of self-constructed reference point in different weightless situations.

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