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Green suburb (Bergsjön Public, Galleri bob, 2008)
Green wall, tree paintings, text work (silkscreen on windows, silkscreen leaflet)

Text work:
Being a citizen of Bergsjön is living in front of a green backdrop. The suburb is surrounded by dense green forest. The tall housing blocks are embedded in lush pines, birch and moss. In March 2008 journalists came up the mountain to Komettorget to report about another violent crime in the suburb. Two shots, one injured one dead. A photographer from the Swedish television found his way through the woods with his cameras. But when he reached the open square he was spotted and disarmed. Cameras were stamped on, image files were deleted. Other journalists and photographers with the same ambition met the same fate.
A”green-screen” is used in photography, film and TV production to blend different images and to create a new picture. This shade of green is considered to be the most efficient to distinguish human skin tone against. Actors perform in front of a green background. Then their environment can be digitally replaced with any desirable image after the actors have done their job and gone home.
Being a citizen of Bergsjön is living in front of a green backdrop. One can act, but the background and context of one’s actions will be created elsewhere, out of reach. The attack on media and the attempt to sabotage the process of representation only resulted in new headlines of the same stereotyping kind: Förortsfascister hotar demokratin! (Suburban fascists threaten democracy!)
But maybe something can shine through the thick green layer…  When opening the newspaper and reading about the assault on journalists the contours of a conflict emerges, power relations become visible to me. There is a clash between different interests, a fight between the representation of self and other, and I’m reading the printed story of one side. It became evident who has the power, which side had the privilege to contextualize the acts, who it is that has the final say…