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In pre-modern society the solar eclipse was often believed to bring danger and doom. With the use and transformation of minerals civilization arose, with the help of telescopes and cameras mysterious celestial phenomenon turned into scientific certainties. The mission to civilize often served as a justification of colonial depredations. But the real, more obscure underlying reasons was the hunger for high-value raw materials. In for example in Congo in 1800, it was the rubber the European colonists wanted, today it is the Columbit the multinationals want. Tantalum, Beryl, Petalit and Columbite enables me to shoot and film, edit and animate, project and screen my work.

Petalite is industrially important as ore for the production of lithium, which in turn is used for example batteries for computers and cameras. The world's largest resources of lithium is believed to be in Afghanistan. The Pentagon calls in the country; the future "Saudi Arabia of lithium" in an internal memo.

Tantalum is used in advanced telescope and camera lenses. It is also vital for the development of resistors and capacitators for computers. The production of Tantalum increases most in central Africa where the UN has determined that the smuggling and exports of minerals was the driving forces behind the conflicts that since 1998 required 5, 4 million lives.

Beryllium is used in cables and HD TV technology. After increasing protests against the Beryllium production in the US,  the production is moved to, for example, Kazakhstan, where workers do not have the same information and experience of the disease Berylliosis caused by the toxic metal.

Columbite is used for components in video cameras and inkjet printers. 64% of the world’s Columbite assets are located in Congo. It is mined by children and workers under the leadership of the rebel groups who in their turn sell it to international companies such as Cabot Corporation & OM Group.